East Quoddy Lighthouse – New Brunswick (2019)

East Quoddy Lighthouse – New Brunswick (2019)

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This lighthouse is claimed to be the most photographed in the world. It is a must see on Campobello Island and can only be reached at low tide. The journey to the lighthouse is an experience in itself!   The lighthouse was built in 1829 as a means of helping ships in the area navigate the famous Bay of Fundy fog, high tides, and the treacherous rocks surrounding Campobello Island.  The original octagonal, wooden tower is still in use, and although the light still shines into the bay, it is no longer staffed. There are, however, interpreters on hand to fill you in on the history of the structure and the island. Known as the "Head Harbour Light" to locals, the tower is designated as a Classified Heritage Site. The tower has a white-shingled exterior, painted with a red cross. It is believed this distinctive day mark has been on the tower since at least 1850. It is the older sister light of West Quoddy Light in Lubec, Maine.


Dimension:24 x 18 inch