Meet the Dynamic Duo of Saeed and Sandra


                                                            Sandra (SAN) & Saeed(SAE)

                                                   who together make the dynamic duo of

                                                                           Sansae Art  




The art industry was an industry that Saeed as a young boy knew nothing about. Saeed's childhood was very different than that of most of us in the North American world.  Saeed, the oldest of five children was born in 1963 in a south eastern city in Iran. The life Saeed knew as a young boy in Iran was one of hard work; he owned his first shop at the young age of twelve and his second business at the age of nineteen. It was Saeed's desire for peace, freedom and a different life that would bring him to Canada.  Saeed left his parents, siblings and his life behind.  He wanted something different -- never did he imagine it would be in the art industry.

In 1988, as an immigrant to Canada, Saeed worked hard and used his entrepreneurial skills that he had developed in Iran to build his life here. He would embrace many changes and his journey would lead him down many roads. After eighteen years of living in Canada, Saeed was to find his purpose, his calling that would dramatically change his life. During a challenging time in his life, Saeed was looking to keep his mind busy. He would work long hours and it was during one of the idle times that Saeed reached for his journal and pencil and began sketching.

Below are a sample of some of his very first sketches:

His fiancée at the time saw his first sketches in the evening of that same day.  She couldn't believe Saeed had never picked up a sketchpad before.  Sandra believed that he had a gift but she was soon to find out that there was much more creativity in the man who had left Iran to pursue a better life. Immediately, Sandra asked Saeed would he like to add color to some of his sketches.  Saeed thought he might like to and they were off to purchase some oil paints from Walmart just so Saeed could experiment and see if he liked it.

Saeed quickly realized that he loved it.  He had a flair for color and for light.  Saeed discovered that he would need better quality paints and within a week was purchasing the best quality oil paints, canvases, brushes, and much more.  Saeed was on fire.  He made the decision to pursue art full time and would paint 12 - 16 hour days.  His color palette was bold and his lighting magnificent.  The freedom that he was seeking, the beauty of peace that he had found was to be expressed in his paintings. 


              "Village Sunset"                               "Home Around the Bend"

Saeed is a self taught artist and along the way sought opportunity to learn from some great artists.  Through oil and his use of perspective Saeed captures the awe in simplicity.  His brush strokes and his color palette are widely admired and he is known for his confidence in using color and as a master of light.. Because his subject matter derives from capturing experiences and memories, they are exceedingly popular among those in search of that type of nostalgia. His work can be found displayed in galleries across North America, retail environments, festivals, and private and public shows. His art is collected from those across North America to the United Kingdom.

But Saeed's desire and dream has expanded. He wants the beauty of his art that dignitaries around the world admire, that CEO's have in their offices and companies, and that collectors enjoy to be enjoyed by the masses.  His desire is to bring joy to people's home. Saeed, one half of Sansae has made a commitment to take his art images and create products that each person can enjoy and afford. Sansae Art's products will become a household name that individuals will associate beauty and joy with.  This is why this new website has been created and why new lines of products with Saeed's beautiful art images are being developed.

Sample of Sansae Art's Line of Coasters




Sandra Hojjati's story began in a small community in northern Alberta where she learned that hard work and commitment led to results.  Growing up on a farm, living in a tight knit community and learning that teamwork and integrity were foundational to all success, Sandra pursued everything she did with passion, persistence and a standard of excellence. 

Sandra always expected the best from herself. Her school years saw her win many awards and this continued into her university years.  She obtained a Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta and a Masters in Leadership in an international program in San Diego, California.  She was recognized for her incredible giftedness in the areas teaching, innovation and of leadership.  Sandra moved from the educational realm into the private sector where she consulted and developed C level leaders' and their teams leadership skills to deliver top results.

Sandra Hojjati has always been a life long learner; she took additional training in executive leadership, in marketing skills and in process development.  Sandra's journey was developing her for when she would meet Saeed; little did she know that her husband to be would be her business partner.  He would be the creative force and Sandra would be the business development force that would lead them to the creation of Sansae Art and Sansae Art Gifts.

Sandra, who saw the raw talent in Saeed's sketches, who developed the website and business of Sansae Art shares the dream of having Saeed's paintings as licensed images on different products.  Sandra believes that every individual should have the opportunity to enjoy Saeed's art in their home or office.  Sansae Art Gifts is the launch of those affordable products that can adorn any home or office.