11th Century Alvardi Marani Winery

11th Century Alvardi Marani Winery

Vendor: sansaeart


My Ancestors Went to Georgia get Their Visa for Canada in 2018. I Told Them to Take Some Pictures for Me to Have Them in My Album Colection.as a Christian I Like to Paint Some Churches That I Really Like Them. After I Was Reading Description About this Church, I Decided to Paint this 11th Century Well Known Alaverdi Monastery in Georgia. The Alaverdi Monastery Marani is Located Adjacent to The Grounds of The Historical Religious and Cultural Site, Where Winemaking Techniques Have Been Preserved for Centuries. The Property is Bordered by The Khodasheniskhevi River, a Tributary to The Alazani. What a Beautiful Piece of Art that Captures History!


 Dimension: 36 x 24 inch