Water Mill House (2019)

Water Mill House (2019)

Type: Cottages
Vendor: sansaeart


Globally the watermill effected all societies by allowing the mass grinding of grain which helped feed large masses of people and helped allow societies to grow because enough food could be produced. With the other uses of the watermill, these societies where able to provide accolades to fit these larger groups of people because the ability of mass production driven by the watermill. While there are many reasons for populations to gather around rivers and streams this was another piece that added to the popularity because you needed a flowing stream or river in order to operate a watermill. The use of the watermill was very influential in early societies but became mainstream around the industrial revolution. The use of another form of power not run by man or animal is part of what helped drive new innovations in in the power industry.


Dimension: 20 x 16 inch