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ARTIST STATEMENT My paintings all reflect some type of paradise. I have been able to live in my paradise, painting daily as a direct result from the inspiration of my wife Sandra who saw in me a passion and gift of raw talent waiting to be unleashed. My hope is that everyone would be able to live in their paradise and be able to live their life with passion and purpose. . It seems fitting that the etymology of the word paradise is rooted from the Old Iranian language as I immigrated to Canada in 1988 from Iran and became a Canadian citizen. Paradise - a Persian word (pardes), properly meaning a "pleasure-ground" or "park" or "king's garden." Today in our English language it has come to mean a place of complete peace, delight and bliss. My paintings have developed from a deep understanding of where I began in Iran to the freedom I experience today. My love for life, for travel and for the beauty of Godís creation leads me to paint with vivid color, depth and spiritual passion. My paintings reflect the great beauty of our world. When viewers see my work they are immediately invited into a paradise which they can relate to either from their memories of experiencing these places or where they dream of experiencing one day. My paintings invite the viewer to escape into a place where the beauty celebrates diversity in the places we live and the cultures we experience. I make sure my paintings exude contentment so that the viewers can be drawn to places that are not bound by cultural or religious beliefs. In my art each person can find their place to be part of a universal whole, where we truly are one. My paintings of paradise allow each individual to recognize that we all have a place to belong. You will notice a unifying effect in all of my paintings. I created my color palette from five primary colors plus white. As a result I have created my original color palette of 34 vibrant colors and each of my paintings reflects the combination of these colors. I work with brushes and the bright, bold colors are a direct contrast to the life I knew in Iran. The viewer wants to take it all in; like when taking a breath of fresh air that provides you with new energy and perspective. The visitors are able to go on a journey with me through my paintings and escape into their own paradise. My paintings allow each one of us to expose that part of our hearts where rich memories and dreams live. I want my paintings to engage people into that experience, where they are drawn into my art and after spending some time with it leave feeling better about themselves, their life and the world around them.